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Brad Stine - Unapologetical UK Tour 2020

 (More dates being added!!)

"Brad Stine is the funniest man I would introduce to my children.It’s not often you meet a person who is both bitingly witty and thoroughly decent. Brad Stine is both." - Tucker Carlson

"Brad is one of the funniest, most innovative, smartest and culturally relevant comedians I have ever seen!” - Eric Metaxas: NY Times bestselling author/speaker

"God's Comic" & "Frantic, aggressive, and caustic with echoes of Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, and George Carlin..." - The New Yorker

"In the competitive world of stand-up comedians, Mr. Stine has found a niche as a conservative Christian, riffing on topics like gay marriage, judicial activism and judges who cite precedents from foreign courts..." - New York Times

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With Andy Kind! Southampton Central Hall, St Mary Street, Southampton, SO14 1NF

With Paul Kerensa! 

With Paul Kerensa! !Audacious Church, Trinity Way, Manchester, Salford, M3 7BD