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Phil Kay's Cosmicomic Storyteller Tour 2020

Phil Kay is a cosmically iconic comic storytelling mind on legs...speaking about his day, and his adventures...
.. calamities and hair-brained schemes...Buying Machetes in Venezuela... '... Primal Scream threatening his Puppy..','..Arguing with the police whilst in his bath..''Trainspotting Rap Party Speed In The Sherbert Dip Debacle...'
PLUS:ULTRA *ALL NEW ASIAN TOUR Stories: 'Stroke Victim Casing Phil With A Stick'.'Sleeping With Keira Nightly..'
It just doesn't stop, the man may improvise a song of his journey to the gig or of his love of
Phil makes up songs too....ABOUT YOU..and your friends...
Its Planet Anecdote..and positivity is Wholly Viable..
.'.Sneaking into the JamesBond Premier.','..AirB&B With A HuskieDog!..'

phil kay galashiels.jpg
JUNE 19TH 2020
Mac Arts Centre
Bridge St,
​TD1 1SP
phil kay newtonards.jpg
JULY 4TH 2020
Steel Dickson Avenue
County Down
BT22 1LE